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Six Ideas for Better Group Events

Movies and bingo are fun, but the same old events can become boring after a while. Here are some quick tips to spice up your group events.

1. Add trivia to movies for a more interactive experience

A little trivia before showing a movie is a great way to get your audience engaged and interested. A little friendly competition can go a long way toward raising attentiveness.

2. Take a stretch break mid-way through longer events

Sitting for long periods of time can put extra stress on our bodies and make us feel tired and foggy. Pausing for a brief intermission and giving your audience a few minutes to do some light stretching will help them re-energize and refocus.

3. Provide water or light snacks

Everyone knows how easy it is to become distracted or disengaged when we’re dehydrated or hungry. A light snack and a small cup of water can perk us up and help us stay focused.

4. Cater to audience members who may be distracting

If certain members of your audience are distracting or disruptive at events, cater to them to avoid upsetting other participants.

5. Make events interactive and social

One of the great benefits of group programming is that it encourages social interaction and fosters a sense of community. Making events like movies and presentations interactive by introducing discussions or trivia can be a great way to increase interaction among residents.

6. Ensure everyone can hear well

Whether or not you use Eversound at your community, ensuring all your participants can hear clearly and comfortably will make for better, more engaging events and activities across the board.

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