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Four Tips to Get The Most Out of Eversound

Eversound is a great way to get residents engaged in group events and activities. There are several strategies you can use to get the most out of your system and maximize engagement.

1. Present Eversound as a way to hear with clarity

If you present Eversound to your audience as an audio enhancement system as opposed to an “assistive listening system,” they will be more likely to feel comfortable wearing the headphones. No one wants the whole group to know they’re hard of hearing, but everyone wants to hear with more clarity and comfort!

2. Set up Eversound before your audience arrives

It helps to place the headphones on seatbacks or lay them out on a table near the entrance. This encourages everyone to use Eversound and reduces the chances of anyone feeling singled out.

3. Consider making Eversound mandatory for certain events

While we don’t recommend this for all group events, requiring that participants use Eversound can be a great way to ensure that everyone can hear at a volume that’s comfortable for them.

4. Wear the headphones yourself

This sends the message to audience members that Eversound isn’t only for the hard of hearing, but is for anyone who wants to hear at the perfect volume. It’s also a benefit to you, because the headphones sound great!

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